★ Top Bonuses Codes in (2022)!

★ Top Bonuses Codes in (2022)!

Everyone loves surprises and free things when gambling – casino promo codes are a fantastic way to get both. If you’ve never used one or want to learn more about them, have a seat and read on. If you are visiting this page from the UK, we highly recommend you visit our best UK casino sites page.

Top Casino Bonus Codes

What Are Casino Promo Codes?

If land-based casinos welcome you with open arms, drinks, free accommodation or VIP perks, you should think of casino promotions as the online equivalent to all of the above.

Bonus codes are a sequence of numbers and/or letters that you can use to unlock some of the best promotions. With that in mind, it’s no wonder players seek them out so much at online casinos or on various affiliate websites.

Casino bonuses are a tool used by operators to incentivise you to either remain their customer or become one if you’re new to the gambling scene.

Who Is Eligible for Casino Promo Codes?

Short answer? Everyone – as long as they register on an online casino that uses these types of promotional codes.

Longer answer? It depends. Some bonuses are only available to new players, whilst others are aimed at existing ones to reward them for their loyalty. You can also find casinos that only reward you with a bonus if you deposit through a particular method.

Casino Promo Codes – How Do We Classify Them?

There are many ways to categorise promo codes, so we’ll aim to keep this as easy to understand as possible. Here are some criteria we use:

Frequency – hourly/daily/weekly/monthly promotions.
Software provider – some bonuses that casinos offer can only be used to get rewards at a certain game or games provider (e.g. cashback at NetEnt slots)
Player type – promotions are usually given to two main player types: new and existing
Player status – VIP players, high rollers, etc.
Occasion – there are promotions awarded on a limited number of days throughout the year, usually on special occasions such as player birthdays, holidays (Christmas, Easter), on tombola days organised by the casino, etc.
Device – some bonuses are available exclusively to gamblers who play on mobile devices or download the casino’s mobile app

Most Popular Types of Casino Promo Codes for New Players

If you’ve suspected that new players are the most spoiled when it comes to promotions, you’ve guessed correctly. They are offered so many for a simple reason – casinos always want to attract new customers to their platform.

That is also why you can easily recognise a promo code aimed at a new player, as it usually contains words such as “WELCOME” or “BONUS”, followed by a sequence of numbers.

Some casinos may include the brand name in the promo code, as well (for example, NetBet Casino uses „NB1” or „NB2”).

However, a valid code can also be just a random string of words and numbers.

1. No Deposit Bonus Promo Codes

Perhaps the most sought-after reward for any casino novice, a no deposit bonus promotion allows you to enjoy perks such as free spins or cash credit without paying anything.

It is granted at registration on the platform – all you need to do is insert the code to activate the bonus once you finalise the registration process and you can play for free.

However, keep in mind that some casinos may not reward you with real money, only bonus money that you’ll have to convert.

Because no deposit bonus promotions give you free credit, sometimes casinos can impose what games you can use it for. These are usually popular slots like Mega Moolah, Starburst, Sizzling Hot or Book of Ra.

2. First Deposit Bonus Promo Codes

Just like the name suggests, you need to insert the code specified by the casino when you make your first deposit to activate the welcome casino bonus. Operators will reward your first deposit with one of the following:

For most casinos, inserting the right promo code is mandatory. If you enter it incorrectly, they are within their rights to refuse to credit you.

However, if this happened to you, contact customer support – you may be able to still get credited if you explain the situation. Mistakes happen to new players all the time, and some casinos don’t want to risk losing a new customer over it.

Last but not least, read the fine print – some casinos mention in their T&Cs that e-wallet deposits (Skrill, NETELLER) do not qualify for first deposit offers, including those that come with promo codes.

What this means is that, even if you inserted the right code, you will not be credited if your chosen payment method is excluded from the offer.

3. No Wagering Free Spins Promo Codes

We included this type of bonus in the “new player” category, but it can also be granted to existing ones.

These are promotions that you can use to unlock a fixed number of free spins (20, 30, 50) at a slot or series of slots selected by the casino. They are either given at registration to new players, as part of the welcome package or to existing ones on a weekly or monthly basis.

The great advantage here is that, once you play, you can withdraw your gains directly with no hassle or other conditions.

Most Popular Types of Casino Promos for Existing Players

If promos for new players are always flashy and attention-grabbing to attract them to the platform, when it comes to existing players, things become a little more nuanced.

With seniority on the platform comes additional expectations that casinos have to work harder to meet. That is why promotions for veterans are a lot more tailored to what they want, offer added value or reward loyalty.

1. VIP/High Roller Promo Codes Bonuses

These are promotions used to reward players that routinely deposit large sums of money on the platform or have already accumulated a high number of loyalty points.

Because most casinos already reward them with VIP or high roller status, they will get codes that unlock exclusive bonuses regular players don’t have access to, such as:

Reload bonuses (usually 30-50% back on a deposit during a fixed interval, such as ‘happy hours’)
Entry to exclusive events (e.g. poker tournaments, live events)
A larger casino deposit bonus
Decreased or no wagering requirements
Free spins with added value (or Super Spins)

2. Loyalty Bonus Promo Codes

Unfortunately, not all casinos have active loyalty programmes, therefore only a limited percentage of them will offer promo codes.

However, those that do usually award your loyalty level in many ways, depending on the number of bets you placed on the platform. Loyalty levels range from “Bronze” to “Platinum” or above, with higher perks as you move up the ladder.

Some loyalty bonuses you can get using a special code are:

3. Calendar Bonus Promo Codes

Calendar promotions are used to unlock recurring casino bonuses on every day of the week or during the course of an entire month.

Casinos that use calendar bonuses aim to give you something new to look forward to every day when you open your account. Some of them keep these bonuses a surprise that you can only uncover with a bonus (one day it can be free spins, on another it can be cash-back, a special gift etc).

Each offer comes with a distinct promo code with limited availability; so, if you want to take advantage of the entire calendar, you typically need to insert a new one every day.

Casinos will let you know in advance where to find these codes – on the offer page, mobile app, social media, in the newsletter email, and so on.

4. Special Day Bonus Promo Codes

These are promotions that can only be used on special occasions. They are usually time-sensitive and have a faster expiry dates than others.

In this category, we include promotions that unlock birthday bonuses, holiday bonuses (Christmas, Easter) as well as those that you need to use to take part in prize draws or giveaways organised by the casino.

Most often, you need to insert the code in the offer page directly (or opt in) to be considered eligible. Birthday bonuses are usually activated on the spot and reward you with a prize without further requirements, but this may not be the case with all special day bonuses.

5. Referral Bonus Promo Codes

A refer-a-friend casino bonus (or referral programme) using promo codes is a great way for you and your friends to get rewarded for gambling.

Casinos will offer you a voucher code to give out to a friend or family member. If they register and make a first deposit using it, the casino will reward you with a prize (e.g. £20).

Both new players and existing players can use this type of code.

Which Casinos Offer the Best Promo Codes?

Short answer that leads to a longer answer? It depends.

Large, respected casinos usually have the most steady, trustworthy and recurrent offers with promo codes, irrespective of their type. They already have a name built for themselves, better budgets and a growing player base that they want to keep and/or expand.

However, it is not 100% the case every time. You can also see small operators with great promotion offers that make amazing strides on their debut to shake the market.

What Are the Best Promo Codes for UK Players?

Based on our research, most UK casino sites offer these types of promo codes:

Which Deposit Methods Are Eligible for Promo Code Bonuses?

Unless mentioned otherwise, the majority of deposit methods are eligible, apart from a few exceptions.

Most online casinos exclude e-wallets from first deposit bonus offers – they either won’t allow you to use the promo code at all or not credit you. If this is the case, it’ll be mentioned in the terms and conditions, on the bonus page or in the banking section.

How Can I Tell What the Best Promo Code Is for Me?

At the end of the day, what makes a great promotion bonus? The answer is very subjective, so we understand that some of you may be feeling a little confused.

Generally, we believe a great bonus is one that is easiest to get and provides the most bang for your buck.

You could also ask yourself what type of player you are and what you want out of your gaming experience – some casinos are better for slots players because they offer more vouchers for them, whilst others make high rollers feel spoiled.

Start from what you want, and narrow your choices down to the best casino that offers what you’re looking for.

How to Use Promo Codes – A Quick Guide

The vast majority of online casinos will mention the exact steps you need to follow to unlock and activate a bonus code. You will find these steps:

On the offer page
In the Terms & Conditions
In the email you receive from the casino (if you’re subscribed to a newsletter)
On social media
On a landing page
In the mobile app

For the most part, this is what you need to do to get and activate different bonus offers:

Enter the bonus code in the registration form (if you’re a new player, this is the standard procedure for a no deposit bonus and you won’t have to do much else).
Make a first deposit and enter the bonus code in the banking section (in the case of first deposit bonus promotions).
Open your player account and redeem the promotion there (this may be the case if you just received a special offer from the casino, such as a loyalty bonus).
Contact customer support – sometimes the only way to get a code is through the casino team directly.
Use a link from an affiliate website – some casinos partner up with review sites. In this case, the only way to redeem a bonus code is to sign up for the advertised casino through the website’s affiliate link.

Bonus Code Requirements

Now that we’ve presented the sunshine-and-rainbows side of bonuses, we feel duty-bound to disclose their disadvantages.

Most promotions ask the player to meet some demands before allowing them to fully cash in on the offer:

1. Wagering Requirements

Nobody enjoys reading the two words above. However, the reason why you are asked to wager the bonus amount 30x or 40x before withdrawal is to keep things fair; otherwise, people would easily take advantage of a casino promo code no deposit offer. The same applies to first deposit offers and a few free spins offers.

2. Limits

These can take the form of withdrawal limits for new players, especially if their account is not verified, but they can also apply to the percentage up to which a casino is willing to match your first deposit.

For example, you may deposit £100 but the casino is only willing to give you 100% of your deposit up to £50 (upper limit). In this case, depositing more won’t increase the bonus.

A similar limit can apply to the free spins you’ve just won during a promotion – some casinos explicitly mention that you can only get up to 50 or 100. A cap can also be imposed on the maximum spin value they’re willing to offer you as part of a bonus (e.g. £5.00).

Another limit imposed on bonuses is the expiration date. Promotions are, by nature, time-sensitive, and so are the bonuses you can unlock with them. Hence, casinos will normally give you a fixed window of 7 days to use your bonus after you’ve claimed it.

Mistakes to Avoid When Using Promo Codes:

Many beginners have been through the struggle of finding the best promotion, only to end up failing to redeem it due to a rookie mistake. Here’s the most common ones to avoid:

Spelling errors – Because some codes are simply a string of random numbers and letters, they are easy to misspell, which is why we advise you to copy and paste the code, instead of reproducing it manually.
Failing to follow bonus procedure – This happens as a result of not following the steps outlined, or depositing through a method that isn’t part of the offer.
Not reading terms and conditions– The T&Cs are where you can find detailed info about wagering requirements and expiration dates of the bonuses; not reading is not an excuse for not knowing, as far as most casinos are concerned.
Trying to break the rules – An example of this would be attempting to redeem the same bonus twice on a single account.

Can I Get More Than One Bonus Using a Promo Code?

Most casinos have a maximum “one deposit bonus” per person rule, meaning that the voucher code you receive is unique to you, your player account and your IP address.

Trying to redeem the same code from different devices is against the terms and conditions. So is creating different accounts for the same bonus.

If you try any of the above, most casinos will ban you or even blacklist you from creating another account.

Where and How to Find Casino Promo Codes: Tips & Tricks

You may think it’s a complicated process that takes a lot of lurking around on the internet; however, with the right shortcuts, it’s very easy to find the best promoTIONS. Here’s how:

Follow sites dedicated to voucher codes/casino reviews – Not only are there plenty of them out there but they are usually among the first to find out about new promotions. They also routinely give affiliate links and access to exclusive bonuses.
Sign up for your favourite casino’s newsletter – Most large casinos will be sure to keep you in the loop. Whenever there’s a new promotion, they’ll be the first to send you a no deposit bonus.
Turn on mobile notifications on your casino app – This is a great way to receive time-sensitive information. They’re also the go-to communication means used by operators to send casino promotions to existing customers.
Sign up for casinos that are known in player communities for frequent bonuses – We have selected a few for you in our table above.

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Bonus Codes

The fastest way to get a promo code in the short term is to simply sign up for a new casino and verify your account – that is when most operators can contact you with a bonus to incentivise you to make a first deposit.

However, if you’re looking for some long-term gains, here’s how to increase your chances of getting more vouchers as a loyal customer:

Be active on the platform – make regular deposits, try different games
Take part in the existing offers
Refer other people to the platform
Join the loyalty programme and earn points (if the casino has one)
Achieve VIP status (if you’re already a high stakes slots player, why not get rewarded for it?)

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